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 " Yesterday I tried some of your bagged Firewood I found at our local New World, What an Amazing Product! I followed the instructions printed on the bag and used only 1-2 pieces at a time and the heat we got was just outstanding, I have Never had firewood that has produced Instant Heat and that quickly! Awesome Firewood! Will def be buying OhaakiHeat Firewood from now on! Thanks" 

Richard - Hamilton

 I'm very, very impressed with the Ohaaki Thermal Heat kiln dried firewood, I was a bit sceptical when purchased but very happy I did. It is exactly what they describe it to be. I would gladly purchase again. 

Tracey Heads - Reporoa

 I would highly recommend OhaakiHeat firewood to anyone who wants hot burning, no mess wood delivered and stacked where you want it! I order online and it was delivered the next day and I don't have to wait around. It's an excellent product all round.

Diane Willemsen - Taupo

 "Thank you for your product, its performance is great, we are having good heat produced by the fire, the delivery was fantastic, the delivery person stacked the wood exactly where we wanted it." 

Paul Longhurst - Taupo

 "I absolutely Love OhaakiHeat Firewood, You get Instant Heat when you light your Fire, you only have to use 1 piece at a time to get hot heat and it lights easily and im not getting yelled at to vacum the carpet around the fire because it leaves no mess! Awesome! Will def be getting more...... "

Greg Brown - Reporoa

 "Hi there, I was very happy to receive your email to say that you were selling wood again.  I thought the delivery within 24hrs was fantastic and the stacking of the wood is a definite seller for me.  I also liked the old product as we could leave it wrapped in the plastic until we needed it. I think the product is great it burns well but not too fast.  We have quite a large fire though and the size of the bocks is not a problem for us but they seem to be larger than last years wood.  I am Sold on this product and will always buy it as it is hassle and labour free. Thanks"

Katarina Mako

 "Ohaaki Firewood is Great! it puts out a lot of heat, and it lasts a long time! I feel like I'm getting the amount of wood I pay for because it's so dry!"

Meri Brown - Atiamuri


 Awesome firewood, delivered and stacked away in the woodshed for us. Hassle free, slow-burning, excellent heat output. The best firewood that we have ever used in our open fire. Great value for money compared to other firewood. We highly recommend Ohakki Heat Firewood to anyone.

Brendan and Teena Pratt - Te Puke

 Great Service, benefits described are spot on!, no doubt I will be continuing with your company from now on, just all around awesome!

Cheers, Noi from Taupo


Thank you so much for my wood. Richard was very courteous, friendly and I’m very happy!

Well done to you all, Daphne - Taupo