Air Emissions, the Environment and your Health

Concern is mounting over the amount of smoke and soot or particulate matter being emitted by wood-burning fires around New Zealand, which is known to have adverse effects on health.

This particulate matter is known collectively as PM10 and can be inhaled into the windpipe and bronchial tubes of the lungs affecting people’s health. 

In September 2005, regional councils and unitary authorities identified 42 areas around New Zealand Burning wet or damp wood which increases emissions.

Green or wet wood is a major culprit in the creation of smoke that pollutes the air and creosote that clogs the chimney. 

However the dryer the firewood, the more energy it contains and the fewer emissions it produces. 

Ohaaki Heat firewood has been oven dried to a much lower moisture content than normal air-dried or seasoned firewood.  In fact, Ohaaki Heat is one of the driest natural firewood poducts on the market so it produces fewer emissions, low ash and much more heat resulting in warmer houses, cleaner chimneys and a healthier environment.

The oven drying process is also environmentally friendly using hot waste water (at 140 °C) from the Ohaaki geothermal power station to heat the kilns, minimising the carbon footprint.




  • Our Firewood Logs are sourced from Mature Sustainable Forests.